a casual french wine bar in seoul, le moulin

A Casual French Wine Bar in Seoul, Experience Le Moulin


Korea is one of the fastest growing countries on earth, an industrial giant in the world of electronics and communications, the capital city of Seoul reflects the face paced lifestyle with which its inhabitants carry out their daily grind. Within this city of 10 million citizens reside 285,618 foreign nationals hailing from all around the world. And despite all the conveniences and perks that Seoul offers there is always still something missing, a taste of home.


Le Moulin was founded in response to a need; the need for a French man and his French friends to enjoy high quality wine in an authentic French wine bar in Seoul. It’s no secret that the French are perhaps the foremost authority on wine in the world, and in a place that is devoid of their country’s affordable and quality wines. Le Moulin has made its entrance to fill that need, a place for first timers, casual drinker, and even the connoisseur. All wine is imported directly from France to ensure that patrons know exactly what they are drinking.  All meats and cheeses served on their charcuterie platters are made within Korea using French methods by French butchers and artisans. There are no flashing lights or smoke and mirrors here; it is a pure unadulterated wine drinking experience. The most surprising thing however would be the ease of accessibility Le Moulin offers its guests; 6,000 won a glass for each of their introductory wines. These four wines consist of a red, white, rose, and sparkling all originating from various regions of France. That is simply the beginning as well; unlike many other upscale wine establishments, Le Moulin stresses the importance of making wine approachable. This is why guests are encouraged to inquire about the wine to learn what they’re drinking, what flavor profile to expect, and what bottle to order. 

For more pictures of Le Moulins’ charcuterie platters take a look below!

Address and Directions:

Le Moulin is located off the brown line number 6 at Yongsan-Gu Hoenamuro 36, 용산구 회나무로 36 지하 1층 (Iteawon Dong 225-143), Seoul, Korea.

-Take Noksapyeong exit number 2 and walk straight down until you hit an underpass to the other side of the street.
-Come out the underpass on the left and walk until the large intersection. (Should be able to see NOXA and Taste of Thailand)
-Walk up the street for a bit staying on the right side of the road. Look for the red block sign.

For more information visit Le Moulin’s Facebook.

Photo Cred: RL of Seoulsync | Le Moulin