Ailee and Amber in One Fine Day Episode 1 Subtitled in English

Jaceon ToomgamKPOP

If you’re not a fan of Ailee and Amber of f(x), get ready to be. The two K-pop stars team up for a new series that follows them around on their journeys, highlighting their interactions and high jinks. Episode one of Ailee and Amber’s One Fine Day follows the duo on a trip to Jeju Island, often regarded as Korea’s Hawaii. As one might imagine, the show does an amazing job showcasing Jeju’s natural beauty and attractions; such as the Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ailee and Amber are great friends, and it really shows through with their on screen chemistry. Both entertainers were born in America and now stand at the forefront of Korean entertainment, these two ladies light up the stage and the television screens. English subtitles are brought to you courtesy of AngelicHeartfxSubs. They did an amazing job of translating all the pop-up bubble text commonly found in Korean variety shows so you get the full experience. Be sure to check their Youtube channel to see more subtitled content as well as future episodes of Ailee and Amber’s One Fine Day.

Ailee and Amber’s One Fine Day: Episode 1

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