Are Koreans Honest? Guy Loses His Wallet in Korea, Records Results

Jaceon ToomgamCulture

We’ve all lost something before. Felt that sinking sensation in our gut when the realization dawns on us. We’ve all have taken something that we knew wasn’t ours. We’ve also all held on to that slight glimmer of hope that someone would return our lost possession. To those living abroad people will often feel on the short end of the karmic stick due to their displacement. Many expatriates think themselves the victim of injustices directed towards them due simply to their foreign status.

So watch as this guy loses his wallet in Korea in order to see how honest those roaming the streets really are. It’s an interesting social experiment however I’d avoid making over generalized conclusions about the country as a sample size of a few is hardly an effective indicator of “honesty.” Every time he drops his wallet it’s in broad daylight, in public, on a main street. Now if he had lost it in a dark alley after stumbling around off a soju bender, that might be a different story.

Interestingly enough a similar experiment was carried out in the Seoul Subway system by a Korean YouTuber. This experiment also sought to test the “honesty” of Koreans by placing a bag with gifts within a subway car unattended. The results, are again skewed by the fact that public eyes can influence actions.