Dessert in Seoul: Choco Blossom

Michelle JungDessert & Coffee

In the midst of dessert franchise central, Choco Blossom appeals to the crowds of Sinchon with homemade natural flavors to heal the soul. Harry Potter kept the dementors away with bars of chocolate, so why not keep your own daily troubles at arms length with some rich chocolate flavored desserts and some R&B Jazz to soothe the ears.

Choco Blossom prides themselves on the fact that all items on the menu are prepared to order. All chocolate is from Belgium, and you can control the cacao concentration in your drinks. All coffee drinks use only beans roasted within the past two weeks to ensure freshness. All time customer favorites are marked with “Best” so if it’s your first time, you know exactly what to order. Upon entering the café, employees will ask if it is your first time with them, and if it is, they will go over the details of how all of their ingredients are of top quality and that everything is made from scratch in their kitchen.

Choco Blossom is dimly lit with a simple and classy interior. There is special seating available for parties of two in the lofted part of the café. The lofted floor is a no shoes area with comfortable lounge couches that can be claimed for two hours max. For bigger parties, the ground level seating below the loft is also cozy and private. The chairs at Choco Blossom are not the average plastic or metal chairs, but a cushioned leather armchair that really gets you settled in.

More private and cozy seating area directly beneath the loft.

A glimpse at the lofted seating area.

Choco Blossom has a new addition to their menu for those looking to cool down from the humidity with a bit of a sweet tooth. The Deep BloBlossom Ice Flake priced at 15,000 won serves up to two, layered with brownies made from scratch with cereal and a home made chocolate gelato tower topped with a small rice cake cut into a blooming flower (hence the name Choco Blossom). This is the most expensive item on the menu, but for good reason.

From top to bottom, the BloBlossom Ice Flake is composed of a rice cake, homemade chocolate gelato, brownies made from scratch, and bits of chocolate pieces that were also made in the Choco Blossom kitchen.

For those with less of a chocolate craving, the Milk Ice Flake priced at 7,000 won serves one. The ice is lightly flavored with milk, dried fruit, and red bean paste circling the ice, which also towers to the signature blooming flower rice cake.

The single serving Ice Flake comes in two flavors, Milk and Chocolate.

There is also a wide selection of freshly brewed teas priced at 5,000 won limited to 3 refills. Being a Korean café and all, you must order the correct serving size amount to the size of your party. By the register, you can find small cookies and pudding that are also all natural products of the Choco Blossom kitchen at friendlier prices. Prices at Choco Blossom range from about 2,000 ~ 15,000 won. The entire menu is organized with the left side in English and the right side identically in Korean, so if your Korean is a work in progress, you don’t have to struggle to have a Korean speaking friend tag along.

It may be difficult finding Choco Blossom at a glance because it is not right off the main street. Choco Blossom is currently under going construction so it may look as though they are not in business, but this is to add additional seating in upper floors. So don’t be fooled! Choco Blossom is open from 12:00 to 23:00 everyday.