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Getting into Kpop Recording Shows – The Ultimate Guide!


Reddit user /u/noonanim lays out an in-depth guide on getting into Kpop recording shows to get closer to your idols than ever before. We’ve added some information based on SeoulSync staff members’ experiences. This is for all the fans out there would of course want a closeup experience to what these Kpop music shows are like behind the scenes!

Fans waiting outside SBS for their queue numbers to see Inkigayo.

Getting into Kpop Recording Shows

1. The Schedule

As of February 2015, the current weekly KPop recording schedule for music shows is as follows:

Sunday: SBS Inkigayo

Monday: Arirang Simply K-Pop (recorded every other week)

Tuesday: MTV The Show

Wednesday: MBC Show Champion

Thursday: Mnet M!Countdown

Friday: KBS Music Bank

Saturday: MBC Music Core

Programs begin recording during the early morning and shoot content until the live broadcast later on in the afternoon. As a fan, this is important because there are two ways to get into a recording. One is through a pre-recording while the other is through the live show. Pre-recordings take place earlier in the day with an individual artist or group filming only their song. This performance later gets edited into the live show, so a large majority of the artists aren’t actually performing live when you watch the show on TV. Pre-recordings are a lot easier to get into than the live show, as getting into the live usually requires being a Korean citizen and applying online for tickets.