Itaewon Global Village Festival October 11th &12th

Jaceon ToomgamCultureEvents


Tomorrow begins a two day festival between Itaewon station and Noksapyeong Station. The Itaewon Global Village Festival is a celebration of cultural exchange, diversity, and unity. Itaewon is known as Seoul’s most international area, carrying the highest amount of ethnic cuisine from around the world as well as markets that specialize in importing unique goods that cannot easily be found in Korea.

The Itaewon Global Festival will feature the Main stage, Side stage, Itaewon Global stage, Global Village Cultural Experience, and Auxiliary Events area. The array of stages will feature cultural performances, live music, skits and more. While the Global Village Cultural Experience and Auxiliary Events area will feature food stands from all over the world along with fun arts and crafts for guests to participate in.