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Korean Brand Spotlight: STYLENANDA

Kelly YoonFashion

South Korea has been growing as one of the major fashion hubs in Asia, and the country is home to several clothing brands, from the designer to fast-fashion. One of the most widely-recognized young women’s labels in Korea today is StyleNanda, launched in 2004. The name StyleNanda translates to “I am style”, and this Korean brand reflects this self-assured statement by featuring fashion-forward women’s clothing, accessories, and shoes. It began as an internet store, but has since expanded to various Asian department stores, a brick-and-mortar flagship store in Hongdae, and a recent pop-up store in Japan.

korean brand spotlight: stylenanda

Having grown into a comprehensive lifestyle brand, Stylenanda carries everything from chic and eccentric clothing to home décor. If you want to know what styles are popular with college girls and young women in Korea, take a look at Stylenanda’s wares. Its clothes are a unique spin of the latest trends, and currently the brand heavily features oversize garments, graphic prints, high waists, and models wearing K-style makeup looks. The label is mid-priced and of decent quality; most Stylenanda pieces will last longer than your average Forever21 or street-vendor garment.

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