Odd Facts About Korea Part 2: Getting Your Face Back?

RLCurrentOur first article on random Odd Facts About Korea provided some insight into the insane drinking culture here and creative results from an ‘anything goes’ policy on high school yearbook photos! Part 2 of this mini-series continues with more peculiar facts and happenings unique to Korea. 

Seoul fosters strong female-friendly initiatives

Not sexist at all, but…

Woman's parking bay

Seoul has approved $100 million in funds towards public initiatives that well, make female’s lives just a bit easier. One example that caught our attention is more spacious parking bays for women. These designated ‘she-spots’ are highly visible with hot pink paint and skirted woman iconography. Significantly wider and longer than normal parking spots, they are also placed closer to entrances, elevators, and escalators for increased convenience.

But one wonders what the underlying reason is for these gender specific parking spots… is it out of respect for our female counterparts, in consideration of those that are pregnant, or for women that drive around with their families? Administrators state that these special parking spaces are justified based on the grounds that women wear high-heels and thus need closer spots. In addition, these spaces tend to be in the safer areas of parking lots and garages, away from dim lighting and blind CCTV spots.

Although Korea is not the first country to implement such a program, this bundle of initiatives dubbed “Happy Women, Happy Seoul” does focus on other things for women as well. Paving streets or installing foam on walking paths for high-heel comfort, helping jobless women find work, enforcing safe parks for women, expanding a women’s taxi service, and launching more public day care centers are among the top priorities of this project.

Source: Time

Reality makeover show aims to convince recipients of multiple plastic surgeries to revert back

With plastic surgery becoming so commonplace in Korea that it’s hardly considered taboo anymore, it’s refreshing to see stories of people reverting back to their natural state by going under the knife yet again. A staggering 20% of women in Seoul ages 20-49 have received some type of aesthetic surgery, and ridiculously enough, the end results are to the point where even new IDs are needed to confirm identities when traveling.

This show, called Back To My Face, picks individuals that have had over 10 procedures done. These individuals undergo various group therapy and counseling sessions, but also participate in social experiments for them to come to the realization that maybe they were naturally beautiful before their slew of surgeries. At the end, they must decide whether to get reconstructive surgery and return back to their natural state or stay plastic. The question is… would the show be as effective if these girls weren’t already relatively pretty before their post-op days? Check out some before and after plastic surgery photos of the show’s participants.

Odd facts about Korea - Back To My Face
Odd facts about Korea - Back To My Face (2)

And here is one of the participants getting her face back (undergoing plastic surgery to get her natural look back).