Rising Entrepreneurs In Seoul At The EIS’s Inaugural Event


As Seoul rapidly establishes itself as the “Silicon Valley” of Asia, there has been an influx of international entrepreneurs and investors seeking to fully utilize and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Entrepreneurs in Seoul (EIS) is a group that acts as a business architect, building a bridge connecting international entrepreneurs with the requisite resources they need access to, such as partners, investment groups, government support, distribution, and media. Unlike other startup based gatherings that largely revolve around a few key note speakers and an all too familiar seminar-like environment, this group deviates from the norm by focusing on a movement aptly referred to as “un-conferencing.” The main benefit gleaned from such a divergent approach is that each entrepreneur and organization has more time to network in a much more personable face to face atmosphere. Seoul Global Center stepped in as the catalyst to this opportunistic gathering featuring roughly 50 in attendance which included entrepreneurs, media groups, venture capital groups and government organizations.

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The following are some of the noteworthy applications and services to keep tabs on that were introduced during the inaugural EIS meeting.

Colango empowers language teachers with the ability to create interactive language lessons for their students. Colango helps facilitate the acquisition of language by providing students with a fully immersive learning experience.  Instructors can use authentic content from online sources or create their own unique language exercises with their own voice, pictures or text.  Colango also complements teachers with student data so they can supply comprehensive feedback that can effectively target a student’s specific weakness when it comes to language aptitude.