SNL Korea Spoofs Interstellar

Jaceon ToomgamHumor

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is a mega hit in South Korea. So much so that it has become nearly impossible to find IMAX tickets weeks after its release due to scalpers buying out all the tickets. However, this still hasn’t stopped moviegoers in Korea from seeing the sci-fi blockbuster. It’s popularity has spilled over into the realm of Korean media as well, as SNL Korea Spoofs Interstellar to seize the moment and capitalize on the movies widespread appeal.

Note: Mild spoilers ahead, nothing that will truly spoil the film however.  

If you’ve seen the film you’ll recognize the scene they reenact immediately. It is here that the skit takes a shot at Korea itself. The female lead ages 23 years waiting for her compatriots to return from their first planetary exploration. She does a bit more than age however, as the actresses hair makes a transformation that anyone in Korea will recognize. Her hair has taken a turn for the perm, what has become an almost iconic hairstyle of the Korean ajumma(middle aged woman). SNL then takes another turn at making fun of Korean media by essentially transforming the skit into a scene out of almost any Korean drama. This space tale becomes an episode of betrayal and martial deceit as they place a dramatic twist on one of the more emotional scenes in the film.

A visual aid on the Asian aging process

This isn’t the first time SNL Korea has openly made light of Korean stereotypes to great effect. For another example see Girl’s Day Hyeri and Minah Square off in Aegyo Battle.

Photo Cred: Imgur