The 40th Seoul Independent Film Festival Begins Today!

Whizy KimEntertainmentMoviesToday the 40th annual Seoul Independent Film Festival officially kicks off, celebrating the best independent films made in Seoul in 2014.The festival is divided into several categories—competition films, new choice films, and special invitation films. There’s also an international selection of screenings where you’ll have the chance to watch classics like Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It (1986), Steven Soderbergh’s Sex, Lies and Videotape (1989), and Michael Moore’s Roger & Me (1989).Here are some of the films that I’m personally looking forward to:꿈보다 해몽/A Matter of InterpretationDirector: Lee Kwang KukSynopsis: “A small-time actress is devastated to learn that no one has come to see her play. Out of frustration, she yells at her fellow actors and storms out of the theater. As she wanders the street, she receives a call from a friend who says she’s had a disturbing dream about the actress, advising her to stay out of trouble. The actress takes no heed to her friend’s warning and heads to the park with a bottle of liquor.”